settembre  2020
Eventi settembre 1, 2020
  • Riunione Consiglio Direttivo Ex Inapli
    Inizia: 9:30 pm
    Finisce: settembre 1, 2020 - 11:30 pm
    Descrizione: Riunione Consiglio Direttivo Perla del Tirreno
Eventi settembre 2, 2020
  • Riunione dei Soci al Buggy Club
    Inizia: 9:30 pm
    Finisce: settembre 2, 2020 - 11:30 pm
Eventi settembre 7, 2020
Eventi settembre 9, 2020
  • Riunione dei Soci al Buggy Club
    Inizia: 9:30 pm
    Finisce: settembre 9, 2020 - 11:30 pm
Eventi settembre 14, 2020
Eventi settembre 16, 2020
  • Riunione dei Soci al Buggy Club
    Inizia: 9:30 pm
    Finisce: settembre 16, 2020 - 11:30 pm
Eventi settembre 21, 2020
Eventi settembre 23, 2020
  • Riunione dei Soci al Buggy Club
    Inizia: 9:30 pm
    Finisce: settembre 23, 2020 - 11:30 pm
Eventi settembre 28, 2020
Eventi settembre 30, 2020
  • Riunione dei Soci al Buggy Club
    Inizia: 9:30 pm
    Finisce: settembre 30, 2020 - 11:30 pm

6 risposte a 2013 Convenzione Comune Viareggio

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  • To understand the inspiration for this story, you have to read the Blog:
    A Rainy Night In Florida. It’s too short to be a
    story, but lays the groundwork for what follows.

    I was delighted to hear that that little scene had such an effect on you.
    However, that’s not just a fantasy. If I could have gotten you to Maryland,
    and it rained, we would have been out on the deck. The thing that pleases me
    most is that you find the idea exciting.

    There are other places where I had, and maybe still, planed to make love
    to you all over that house. Actually, sometimes we
    would be making love, and sometimes we would just be fucking!

    God, I’m really glad that you are one of the people that not only knows,
    but also can appreciate the difference between the two.
    (God, I could really use a little hot fucking right

    Yeah, I’ve been looking at your pictures again. 

    There’s not only the deck, but also a screened in patio, a full basement, large back yard, well,
    maybe not the yard, but I think you get the idea.

    But, if fantasies turn you on, here’s a dream that I’ve had a couple
    of times in varying scenarios. Haven’t figured out why yet.

    A Night At The Club

    We’ve gone out to dinner and afterward we go to a club for a few drinks
    and some dancing. All goes well until it gets near closing time for the club.
    The DJ plays a number of slow songs in a row and as we dance a young man comes up and starts to rub against you from behind.

    I push him away and tell him that you’re with me and he should back
    A couple of the guys he’s with come up and grab me and pull me away from you.
    They overturn one of the tables next to the dance floor and using belts and table
    cloths, tie me to it.
    The guy that had approached you from the back grabbed you and pulled you
    to him, swaying to the music. As he ground himself against you,
    one of the other guys came up behind you and he too started to grind against
    you from behind.
    I don’t know why, but I have this crazy image of a life size ice cream sandwich
    as I watch the three of you on the dance floor, your soft pale skin highlighted
    between their dark muscular bodies under the dim glow of the club lights.

    Then, as the guy grinding against you from the front starts to run his hands over your thighs and
    ass, a young woman that had been partying with the guys, came over, pushed the
    guy behind you away and took his place pressed up against your rear end.

    She reached around you and started groping your breasts.

    As her fingers pinch and twist your hardening nipples, she kisses and licks the
    side of your neck. All the time, watching to see my reaction.
    I can’t help it, but as I watch the scene playing out before me, I have to admit that even though I would kill them if I could get free, I’ve got a raging boner going and there
    is an increasingly large wet spot growing on the front
    of my pants.
    Before long, the skintight red kimono style dress you were wearing has been undone
    and is lying crumpled on the floor at your feet. The red stiletto heels you wear accent the
    length of your legs and they seem to glow in the dim lights of the club.

    Slowly, the two guys lower you to the ground, the one that was behind you has come back and is now naked, as the
    three of you sink to the floor, I can see him sinking
    his large black cock into your ass.
    Unprepared and unaccustomed to such a large cock penetrating
    your ass hole, you start to scream but it is cut
    off by the lips of the woman as she sticks her tongue
    down your throat as she continues to maul your tits.

    With that big cock about half-way into your ass, the first guy climbs between your spread legs and
    starts to push his even bigger cock into your dripping pussy.

    You look at me with a look I’ve never seen on your face before.

    It’s a look of despair and helplessness, but
    also pure wanton lust and as the woman kisses you
    again, the first guy rams his cock to the hilt into your pussy.
    The f***e of the thrust drives you down onto the cock in your ass and it sinks balls deep.

    You throw your head back in pain and ecstasy.
    The woman straddles your face and begins to grind
    her pussy all over your face, covering it in her juices.

    I watch in amazement as your tongue snakes out and laps at her
    cunt, flicking over her clit and digging deep into
    her flowing pussy, lapping up all the juice you
    can get.
    Your hands are running over her ass, slapping the cheeks and an occasional finger sinking into her ass hole.

    As she comes into your mouth, the two guys have developed a rhythm and are vigorously thrusting in and out of your pussy and ass.

    When she is through cumming, she pushes the first guys head up, forcing him to stop sucking on your
    tits and actually mounts your chest, pushing your hard nipple and a good portion of one tit
    into her dripping snatch, fucking it like
    it was a dick.
    After what seems like an eternity, much moaning
    and groaning and many cuss words I’ve never
    heard before in my life, it seems the two guys are cumming simultaneously, filling
    your stomach and your ass with hot cum.
    All the while, the few customers that were still in the club
    continued to either dance around you, watching and groping their dates, or sat at their tables, drinking
    and watching.

    After a while, the two guys roll away from you. Leaving you and the
    woman lying on the floor, covered in sweat and cum. Slowly,
    the woman begins to clean you up with her tongue.

    She spends quit a while between your legs, lapping at your pussy and ass.
    Swallowing as much cum as she can lap up.
    She finally reaches your head and after cleaning the sweat and her cunt juices from your face,
    she gives you a long tongue kiss and smiles
    at you as she gets to her feet and fades into the darkness.

    Slowly you get to your feet, pull on your dress and then come to untie me.
    You run your hand over the front of my pants and smile at
    me as you realize that I too, have cum. The tell tale
    stain spreading over the crotch of my pants.

    We make our way out of the club and hail
    a passing taxi. As we head home, the look of love and satisfaction on your face is almost angelic.
    I notice your hand on my crotch as you massage me to hardness and as the cab rolls
    through the night, my cock sinks deep into the back of your throat.

    I want to tell you that the driver is watching in the rear view mirror, but decide that you’re much too busy to care and just enjoy the ride.

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